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Curing control instrument Td5We supply high-quality test equipment for the wire and cable industry. Our extensive range of intelligent test instruments is used for quality control and process optimisation within enamelled wire and cable manufacturing.

Market leader of wire testing products

Our extensive knowledge of the industry and customers allows us to collect information about the market needs and value of quality testing. Demonstrating more than 30 years of experience and global leadership with +50% market share, DSE Test Solutions is known as the most reliable supplier of high quality products and service.

Curing control and pinhole test

Pin hole detection - HVC instrumentWe have reached a position as world market leader with our Tangent Delta instruments for curing control and our High Voltage Continuity Testers for pinhole detection. Our products are being used as reference instruments by manufacturers of enamel and enamelled wire, as well as the users of enamelled wire. To supplement our product range and to support our customers, we offer a wide range of training, maintenance and support activities.

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Hairpin Tester for E-motors

wire/dse-hvc-sa-with-hairpin_high-res.pngWith an increase of production of e-motors - our latest innovation is a tester of Hair Pins, which often are used in e-motors. An online test of each hairpin manufactured is being made - securing a high quality production.

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Hairpin test process line