-by use of advanced electrical test, data acquisition and data analysis

One of DSE core competencies during 30 years is functional testing of PCBA. The PCBA is stimulated with electrical signals and the response is measured and analyzed.

We have an impressive knowledge and experience of “best practice” with design and manufacturing of stable and durable test systems, based on modular elements.

We are pleased to share our knowledge for “Design for testability of PCBA’s” to help you optimize your design for production. Just give us a call.

When design and manufacturing a turnkey PCBA test system, we analyze your requirement for:

  • Level of automation & integration into production line
  • PCBA fixture kit customized to the actual PCBA
  • Test and measurement instrumentation and data acquisition
  • Signal integrity and inter cabling
  • Software platform and test sequencies
  • Safety for operator 


DSE is working with a wide range of standard PCBA fixture kit from GPS Prüftechnik and ATX.

The choice of fixture is based upon factors like ergonomics, manual/automatic operations, single/double testing, exchangeable cassettes, turn able tables, RF applications, economy and interface-options.

When customizing the fixture to the actual PCBA, DSE also advice about the choice of test-probes, regarding demands for mechanical size, tip style, spring load and travel, current, frequency, plating or type of termination… we will find the optimal solution.

The PCBA test systems are designed and manufactured according to relevant regulatory requirements, safe to use, and delivered with full documentation and CE certification.

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