Process and quality improvement with Test Data Management

WATS system to manage your data

WATS logoA key problem for test engineers and managers is their automated test stations creating large amounts of test data that quickly loses attention and value after testing. Few companies have an effective strategy or system for Test Data Management in place. Some have created multiple home-grown solutions or adopted custom solutions that result in huge investments over time for development, maintenance, documentation and support.

At DSE Test Solutions, we offer a complete system designed to manage huge amounts of complex test data. The system is called WATS and we offer it in collaboration with our long-term partner Virinco (Norway).

  • UTT (unit under test) Reporting
  • Yield, Cpk
  • Trend, Test-step and failure analysis
  • Alarms & Warning
  • Repair
  • Manual Inspection 

WATS is a web-based off-the-shelf Test Data Management Software that acquires, organizes, analyzes, and reports real-time worldwide test and repair data, empowering your total organization.

WATS comes as a cloud-based version and a server-based version. It is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to integrate with other test or business critical systems.


Read more about WATS here , take a look at our Oticon case or our Leica case or contact our sales department for a demo.