TD3 Tangent Delta Tester

-Cost efficient, accurate and reliable measurements

TD3 sets new quality standards with respect to low maintenance needs. Extended service intervals are ensured by using innovative mechanical design and combined with its top quality metal hardware, the number of samples which can be handled between each service is very high.

TD3 – Cost efficient Tangent Delta tester

  •  High repeatability of the measurements
  •  Compare results with multiple curves
  •  Round and Flat wire in one system
  •  Multi language user interface
  •  Reference wire in display
  •  Approve/reject function
  •  Up to 99 pre-settings
  •  Compact and low weight
  •  Portable
  •  IEC 60851-5 compliant

Tangent Delta Curing Tester TD3

Watch the TD3 software feature video part one here:

And part two here:

For more information please contact our sales department or read the Datasheet and Selection guide.