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Curing control by means of Tangent Delta test

-The benifit of knowing the curing

Optimizing the processes knowing and controlling the parameters within production of enamel wire, is absolute essential for the economy in manufacturing enameled wire. The Tangent Delta Tester from DSE deliver all the information needed for optimising and controlling the many processes. The measuring data is compressed and displayed in a full curve, showing the Tangent Delta as a function of the temperature. This method is the ultimate way of making a fast, accurate and reliable determination of the enameled curing, and at the same time, showing any residual solvents or additives in the insulation.
Both residual solvents and curing state are factors that have high influence on temperature index, lifetime and physical behavior of the enameled wire. 



Fast accurate and well proven test method for determine the curing of enameled wire

The Tangent Delta Testers(TgD) are used for analysing the quality and physical properties of the enamel, using the dissipation factor method.
The product range contains following models: TD9000 TgD tester still available after 30 years on the market, TD5 TgD tester is the world leader in performance and a real workhorse for decades. TD3 TgD tester built on same technology as TD5 and a clear winner in price/performance relation.
All Tangent Delta testers calculate a full curve for the D value (loss factor) as a function of the temperature.