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-Standard and customised fixtures. Manufacturing in our own workshop

Depending upon our customer’s needs, the test fixtures are offered to our customers both as stand-alone units, as complete wired and assembled fixtures, or as a part of a turnkey solution with test-software, measurement instruments, PC/Controller and test data management.  

The choice of fixture is based upon factors like ergonomics, manual or semi- or fully automatic operations, single/double testing, exchangeable cassettes, tunable tables, RF applications, economy, interface-options and also safety components like swiches, relay, lock, safety lid, etc.

DSE also advice about the choice of test-probes. Whatever demands our customers have for mechanical size, tip style, spring load and travel, current, frequency, plating or type of termination… Together with our customer, we will find the optimal solution.

Standard fixtures - DSE is working with a wide range of standard fixtures like GPS Prüftechnik and Everett Charles Technologies for test of pcba, EOL and HiPOT. Regarding test of wireless devices DSE is working with Tescom RF-shield box's and Tem Cells.

Customised fixtures - DSE offer special solutions of any kind and we love a challenge…. Fixtures for automatic Inline Testers (ATE), mobile test units, burn-in test, calibration test or even gyro based test and many others...

DSE has our own mechanical workshop for design, development and manufacturing. We often modify a standard fixture to meet specific customer requirements.

For further information, please click here to see our Test Fixture brochure, our case stories or contact our sales department.