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DSE4200 for balers

DSE4200 - for quality control while baling

Control your straw Quality during baling

As a spinn off from our microwave based Moisture Meters for the industry, we have developed the DSE4200 - a model for application on balers.

This model enable the biomass suppliers to control the quality of the straw during baling with an outstanding accuracy. DSE4200 enable the operator to monitor the actual moisture values with each stroke and the average moisture on the field during baling.

Gain 2 - 3 hours on your workday with DSE4200!

The technical principle of the microwave based Moisture Meter allows the operator to go on baling after dewfall and also to get an ealier start in the morning, thus gaining 2 - 3 hours on the work day - making the "baling window" a lot larger!

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