DSE4300 - Dry Matter Sensor

-Measuring dry matter/total solids in-line

DSE4300 Dry matter meter

New cost efficient Dry Matter Meter!

DSE4300 is the first in a series of dry matter sensors to measure in-line in process streams. Based on latest state of the art technology, DSE has managed to create not only a very accurate, but also a fast and cost efficient dry matter/total solids sensor.

The technology used the refractive index and directive loss of the materials in a new way, which is developed together with Aarhus University in Denmark and have a patent pending.

Were to use the DSE4300

DSE4300 works installed as a part of a piping system used for pumping a process stream where it give value to know the dry matter/total solids. As the process stream passes through the DSE4300 it will be measured in-line and the results displayed simultaneously on e.g. a computer, giving valuable measurements that enable the operator to make here-and-now decisions that potentially will optimize the process for which the DSE4300 is set to monitor.

What kind of materials can be measured?

Then using the DSE4300 it measures any kind of material dissolved or suspended in water as long as it is pumpable. If the material is not pumpable there is a special edition of the DSE4300 designed for manual use in e.g. laboratories.

The DSE4300 can be used to measure biomasses with high molecular weight, like:

  • Straw
  • Hay
  • Miscanthus
  • Grasses
  • Slurry or sewage
  • Sludge
  • Different catalyst used to trigger biogas process.

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