DSE Moisture Measurement Equipment and solutions for cranes

- DSE4130 - the most accurate Moisture Meters on the market

DSE4130 Moisture Meter for Cranes

New powerfull generation of Moisture Meters for crane use!

The DSE4130 microwave-based moisture measuring equipment is specially designed to offer unique possibilities in determination of the moisture value in all types of baled biomasses e.g. all straw types, hay types, corn stover and others that are being feed into power plants by the use of cranes. DSE4130 is the new powerfull generation of moisture meters for cranes, which as standard measures up to 35% moisture. It is designed to be interface compatible with the DSE4100 system.

The principle of the microwave based Moisture Meter

The principle of the Moisture Meter is to place a transmitter and a receiver on each side of the bale of biomass. The transmitter transmits the Microwaves through the material, and the receiver measures the strength of the signal passing through. The moisture value is then calculated based on the energy loss of the microwave signal.

Features of the DSE4130 Series

  • High accuracy 
  • High measuring range (measures up to 40% moisture through two hesston bales with the 4140 model)
  • Designed for 24/7 operations in industrial environment
  • Based on Microwave Technology
  • Industrial RS485 Communication
  • Low RF Radiation
  • 2.4 GHz publically available
  • Measuring frequency to be installed is publically available - requires no special permission from the authorities

DSE4130 Measuring Range of Moisture

Software options:

5 fixed bale classes
The 5 bale classes can be defined by different width or density, to be configured by DSE on request. From the crane control the bale type is selected for the measurements.

With this option the system is able to calculate the moisture value based on information from the crane about the weight, length and type of bales and based on this information make a dynamic density compensation

To define the bale density, the crane must deliver information about:

  • The average weight of the bales in the yoke
  • The bale type
  • The length of the bales. If not available from the crane, then a standard length can be defined for each bale type e.g. 245 cm


For more information about DSE4130 - please download the Datasheet.

For more information about DSE4100 VD software - please download the Datasheet