DSE 4101/4111 Online Monitoring and Controling

- Accurate continuous readings


Designed for use on conveyers and processing lines

DSE4101/4111 is a Microwave-based Moisture Meter designed for in-line application on conveyers and biomass processing lines.  

DSE4101/4111 makes it possible to monitor actual and average moisture values in baled biomass of all types e.g. straw, Alfalfa, corn stover, energy grasses and others. The system is equipped with a 20 mA output, which allows connection to local PC/PLC for control of processes.

Application areas

The moisture values registered by the DSE4101 are used to e.g. detection of wet-spots, optimizing the combustion in the boilers in power plants, controlling the speed of hammer mills, optimizing the mixing ratio then making 2nd generation bio-ethanol.

For securing the quality of Alfalfa and other similar crops then drying them out, the 4111 was developed. This new model is optimized for dehydrations plants.

The plants using either the 4101 or the 4111 typically are:

  •      Biomass driven thermoelectric plants

  •      Forage dehydration plants

  •      Pelletting / briquetting plants

  •      2nd generation bio-ethanol plants 


For more information - please download the Datasheet of DSE4101 or the Datasheet of DSE4111.