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TESCOM RF Shielded test boxes


Problems with interference of external signals during test of electronic devices?

Are you struggling with distorting of the testing signal?

Various signal interferences in the test environment can occur such as surrounding DUT signal, base station signal, and another measuring device´s signal, and influence the reliability of measurement.

Shielded test boxes from Tescom provides a shielding effectiveness > 60dB @ 6GHz.

This is achieved by stable shielding performance using shield gasket and EMI filter in areas vulnerable to external interference signals such as I/O connectors, joints, and around doors.

More than 30% of mobile phones worldwide are being tested and produced with Tescom’s shield boxes.

DSE Test Solutions is long time partner for Tescom product, and can help advise the best solution for your test application for reliable measurements.

Please see for Tescom shielded boxes.

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