Boundary scan based test system for Triax using Vario Tap

With the purpose to minimize the test time for Triax a solution using Vario TAP in combination with boundary scan was selected


Faster test times with better test coverage

DSE Test Solutions (DSE) has collaborated with TRIAX for many years as supplier of test solutions to TRIAX production test.

When TRIAX developed their new digital headend products for SMATV reception and distribution system, it was clear the limitations when using traditional boundary scan would make the test time too long and not give the required test coverage. A solution using Vario TAP in combination with boundary scan was selected.
The TRIAX system is based on a backend module for their headend system with an ARM.9 processor for module control and a FPGA for signal processing and 4 MPEG decoders.  

Triax Headend systemBent Rytter, R&D Project Manager at TRIAX says:

”We have worked with DSE for many years and see DSE as a competent and flexible partner to work with who always offer good service”



The advantage of the VarioTAP technology:

VarioTAP is a revolutionary technology for the fusion of Boundary Scan and processor emulation. It uses VarioTAP models to adapt platform modules to the target processor. The models are modularly defined as intelligent software IP and basically offer a multi-level functional structure.

- core-assisted flash programming / PLD programming
- bus emulation test / system emulation test
- Embedded Diagnostics Test (EDT)

DSE is a GATE partner with Göpel Electronic and in cooperation with EP-TeQ and Testonica the necessary VarioTAP models was developed and implemented by DSE.

The project included development of a backend module for TRIAX headend system that has an ARM.9 processor for module control, FPGA for signal processing and 4 MPEG decoders. There are 2 JTAG ports on the board.

The ARM.9 was connected with the FPGA on the first daisy-chain.  We do a traditional BSCAN infrastructure and interconnection test of the 2 devices and then load the VarioTAP model when we want to program the SPI devices for the ARM.9 and the FPGA.


Boundary scan - an integrated method for testing interconnects on printed circuit boards

Boundary-scan is an integrated method for testing interconnects on printed circuit boards (PCBs) that are implemented at the integrated circuit (IC) level - without using physical test probes. The advantages of this method are less space needed, no need for a large number of test vectors, shorter test times, higher test coverage, increased diagnostic capability and lower capital equipment cost.

DSE Test Solutions have used boundary-scan in many different test applications and have become a national competence Center of JTAG/Boundary scan in cooperation with Göoel electronic.

In this case, a boundary scan based test system is developed for Triax using VarioTAP

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