Oticon Hearing Aid Test

System for functional and parametrical test of hearing aid’s.


A Test Solution to handle a large variety of products

System for functional and parametrical test of hearing aid’s. The system handles a very large variety of products and reporting is subject to medical requirement standards. Datalogging for both traceability and production tuning is another important issue of this application. The distributed system is used at DGS production sites.


DSE EasyStand to implement the Graphical User Interfase

Oticon Graphical User InterfaceThe system is build using DSE EasyStand modules for implementing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and for Diversity Handling. National Instruments Audio Master software is used by the system to perform all audio measurements according to the required standards. Results are presented to the operator both on the GUI and in printable reports.


EasyStand in combination with WATS to ensure Test data

Diversity Handling is handled by DSE’s EasyStand toolbox and integrated with WATS MES to ensure consistent and controlled distribution and maintenance of test limits etc.

The system utilizes a modified version of TestStand’s sequential process model that integrates both DSE’s EasyStand and WATS MES.

WATS MES is a package based software distribution system delivered by Virinco.


Audio master and PXI chassis from National Instruments

test/oticonx.pngThe hardware includes a National Instruments PXI chassis which holds both the embedded controller PC and the instrumentation suite that make up National Instruments Audio Master.

Interfaces, battery simulation etc. are handled by additional benchtop instruments specific to the hearing aid domain.

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