Blister Detection Unit

- In-line Blister Detection for profile wire

A non-destructive Mechanical Tester

The BDU – Blister Detection Unit is designed for in-line monitoring of blisters on profile wire. Blisters are bulgy surface defects in the insulation layer that typically occur due to faults in the production processes.

Blister on electrical wire

The BDU is a non-destructive mechanical tester, that examines all four sides of the profile wire and detects blisters down to 0,050 mm. Can be combined with the HVC 360 Flexible.

BDU offers following advantages:

  •         Control with each meter of the spool
  •         Reduction of scrap
  •         Optimisation of production processes
  •         Detailed documentation
  •         4 sides detection

Blister Detection Unit

In addition to the BDU we have developed the BMS - Blister Measuring System. This system measures the height and length of the blisters with the possibility to make a threshold level of the blister size. Read more in our datasheet here.

For more information, please contact our sales department or read the datasheet.