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All production processes in-house

PCBA test

DSE is a full service system integrator with inhouse engineering and own workshops. The concept of our test solutions is based on high-level software development combined with innovative electronics, instrumentation and mechanical fixture engineering.

When you partner up with DSE you a get a scalable, highly specialized resource as a variable cost. This means that you can focus on your core business without worrying about documentation, CE approvals, delivery times and others. We have been making more than 1500 test systems over the last 30 years – deploying them worldwide.

Because every customer need is different, our “mechanical engineering skills” often solves special and complex mechanical challenges, regarding fixture, handlers and other mechanical items. This is done in our own workshop, and gives flexibility, speed and control to the process.

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One stop shop for ATE Test Systems

The concept of our test solutions is based on high-level software development, combined with innovative electronic and mechanical engineering.

The development of software, mechanical and electronics are all done in-house, and the manufacturing of test systems are also done in our own workshops at DSE. This makes DSE a one-stop-shop for ATE test solutions with obvious benefits as process control, quality control, flexibility etc.

PCBA Functional Test and Electronics End of Line Test

Our main focus is on PCBA test and End-of-Line Test and in every test project we dedicate 50+ years of specialized test knowledge and experience. With more than 30 years in the Test & Measurement business, and over 1500 turnkey test solutions, we have an impressive practical experience in designing test-systems.

This includes test-methods, design review and implementation. Very often the process between R&D, QA, PTA, PTE and DSE competencies within test gives an optimized and cost efficient solution.

Close partnership with our customers

When we make a test project with a customer we often encounter different needs depending on the specific line of industry and the use of the product meant to be tested.

We have built an organization that can support any test customer and do provide a lot of benefits throughout the project:

  • Consulting about test spec., level of automatisation, testplatform etc.
  • Project Management technical development - budget management - time schedule.
  • Regulatory requirements, CE approval and safety documentation.
  • Quality assurance and traceabillity.
  • In house workshops - engineering of software, electronics and mechanics.
  • Worldwide shipment, service and support.

DSE test solution process model

Test Competencies

We can help you facilitate your project, whether you need competencies or resources for:

Take a look at our case stories or contact our sales department for consulting service about test.

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